St. Anne Catholic School is committed to academic excellence. We provide a rich, diverse, and sound curriculum with a range of student activities and support services. Guidelines of our curriculum can be found on the Richmond Diocese Office of Catholic Schools website. As stated there:  "The articulation of a faith-centered environment with a quality educational program for the Diocese of Richmond requires that all educators involved in schools work collaboratively to design and implement an ever-developing and creative curriculum.  According to Catholic Tradition, curriculum should encompass the principles of respect, challenge the learners to achieve their full potential, and contribute to the moral development of all students.  The curriculum should be designed in such a manner that it will stimulate a logical progression through the intellectual stages of critical analysis, deductive/inductive reasoning, clarity of thought/expression and strategies for problem solving."  Our veteran faculty implements this curriculum in a way that embraces the intrinsic relationship of learning across all subject areas.  

We teach self-direction and personal responsibility to prepare students to face life’s challenges. Opportunities for self expression and exploration of student motivated learning areas are enhanced by art, music, drama, technology, and music. Our goal is to encourage our students to be critical thinkers, confident leaders and effective problem solvers- traits that help foster a successful academic career and ultimately a rewarding adult life.  As a student in a Richmond Diocese school, your student will be provided a curriculum that exists to facilitate the learning potential of each student.  The students, as learners, will assist in the continuing growth of the curriculum not only as recipients of learning but as creators of new opportunities.  A well developed curriculum will encourage an inventive spirit, a flexibility to adapt to change, a desire to set and attain expectations, an appreciation of peers, a belief in one's self and and opportunity to become a future leader of society.  

The information from various forms of testing and competition is used for making decisions for continuous improvement of the teaching and learning processes here at St. Anne School. Students participate in a variety of local, state, and national competitions including oratory, essay, art, technology, and spelling. Each student’s success is also evaluated through the administration of standardized achievement tests starting in grade two.  After years of administering the TerraNova Standardized Test in the spring of each year, the diocese has made the decision to go with the Scantron Performance Series web-based diagnostics test.  This new test helps our school to identify your child's ability levels, demonstrate academic growth over time, and place your child in the correct instructional setting/programs.  In nationally-normed comparisons, St. Anne students have consistently ranked in the top ten percent which has qualified them for the National Blue Ribbon Award for several years.  

We strive to keep content current by continually evaluating our programs, textbooks, and technologies.  All our classrooms have Bright Links or Smart  Boards, full access to an up to date computer lab or mobile laptop cart, and a classroom computer bank.   All students participate in the Engineering is Elementary (EiE) Curriculum as developed by the Museum of Science, Boston to enhance the Science Curriculum and encourage our students to gain a love and understanding of each area of STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).  These are just some of the ways your student will learn to love learning.  Because, as one of our fourth graders stated so well, "I love St. Anne's because it's cool to be smart here."