Middle School Program

As scary as it may seem, middle schoolers are officially in the realm of the “young adult.” St. Anne Middle School is designed to bridge the elementary and high school years for your student through encouraging an inventive spirit, the flexibility to adapt to change, a desire to set and attain goals, and a belief in themselves. We give students the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and independence through various competitions, clubs, memberships, sports, service projects, and after school activities.

Confident in your student’s ability to perform academically, we also care deeply about their moral and spiritual development. Our veteran faculty are devoted to teaching the whole child, and great care is given to the formation of the conscience. Religion lessons focus on moral decision making, the value of emotional intelligence, and the mission to serve others. 

Students leave St. Anne with study skills that are invaluable to them as they continue their education. They have gained an understanding of the importance of learning and how their knowledge affects others. In addition to being academically prepared, your student will enter high school socially confident and equipped with study skills that will be invaluable to their education.  Please take a moment to read about our alumni who graduated high school this year on the Alumni tab of our website or peruse our alumni board when you visit the school. 

 It is difficult to fully elaborate on the rigorous expectations of the middle school curriculum here at St. Anne's.  An overview of the curriculum can be viewed on the Diocese of Richmond Office of Catholic Schools website and this is a great place to get an idea of the standards of each grade and each subject area.  However, to gain some idea of how these concepts are implemented, come spend the day with us!