Pre-School Program

"B is for blue balloon."

We all know preschoolers are busy little people with a lot to see, do, and learn.  At St. Anne Catholic School we understand that, and offer an excellent accredited and licensed preschool development and learning program. The preschool program is designed to provide children with a positive learning experience while still celebrating the uniqueness of each child. The academically focused curriculum explores emergent literacy and pre-mathematical concepts while inspiring imagination and a love of learning. These concepts are taught through developmentally appropriate activities and incorporate art, crafts, music, and creative movement. In addition, students are encouraged to develop motor skills, listening skills, the ability to follow directions, build independence, and function as a community,

Children enjoy art, music, library, foreign language, and physical education. These “special area” classes are taught by teachers certified in the particular area. Computer skills are also learned and practiced by all preschool students. Several times during the year, the preschool pairs with a “buddy” class from the elementary or middle school for Language Arts or other activities. All children are encouraged to learn at their own pace and skills are introduced as children show readiness.

Teachers understand the importance of physical activity and creative play for preschoolers and they incorporate these types of activities throughout the day in our preschool.  Children at this age still do a significant amount of their learning through playing and doing, so our teachers keep them busy as bees all day long. 

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