School Counselor

"It's all about loving one another."

Understanding that each child is special and unique, our school counseling program embraces the individuality of your student and encourages them to be confident and determined ladies and gentlemen. The school counseling program at St. Anne is designed and modeled in accordance with the American School Counseling Association’s standards. Comprehensive in scope, preventative in design and developmental in nature, our program aims to focus on the mental, emotional, academic, and social needs of all students during their time at school. Our school counselor works closely with teachers, administrators, and parents to ensure that the program is effective and is serving the members of our community. She is available for individual sessions with students and parents and also maintains a monthly schedule of group counseling activities with all students, preschool through eighth grade.

Why Might Your Child Talk to the School Counselor?

There are many reasons your child might want to seek out the school counselor. With each year that passes, changes happen in the lives of young people- their family moves, a pet dies, a new student joins the class, they feel bullied by someone. The school counselor can be a great resource for working through and coping with a variety of concerns such as:

What Are Your Rights When You See the Counselor?

Trust is an essential component in developing meaningful relationships with students. It is our goal that these relationships be maintained through a strict confidentiality policy.  Our program operates under the American School Counseling Association’s confidentiality statement. You can view a full list of the ASCA Position Statements here.