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Recent induction into National Beta & Honor Society

We continue to be astounded by our successful alumni.  And really, we are pretty proud too!  This year alone we have alumni graduating from local high schools with every award imaginable!  Our former students (at just one of the local schools) were awarded more than $419,500 in scholarships. 

This year alone, they have received scholarships to USMA at Westpoint, Brigham Young University, Auburn University, and Vanderbilt University  to name a few.  They were National Honor Society officers, Beta Club officers, MVPs, and Graduates of Distinction.  They were class officers, team players, and leaders among their peers. 

We love keeping up with our alumni and we love to hear from you.  We will always consider you a part of our school and know that the future of our school rests in the difference our community witnesses you making in our world.  If you are an alumni, please let us know how you are doing by filling out our form below.

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