Volunteer Opportunities

Not only do we love our volunteers here at St. Anne School, they are a crucial part of our school and its programs!

There are many opportunities to volunteer all year round.  Many of the volunteer opportunities are led by the PTO (Parent Teacher Organization).  Our PTO is responsible for several of the fun events and fundraisers here at the school.  Some examples are our Back-to-School Picnic, Annual 5K Run, Teacher Appreciation Week, and other celebrations throughout the year. 

Other opportunities to volunteer include:

Just to name a few!  We understand the importance of parental involvement in a school and know that this is a great way for us all to function together as the family and community we want to be.  If you have an interest in volunteering in another capacity, we love new ideas, so please let us know!

Please also consider participating in our SCRIP program.  This program is an opportunity to reduce your tuition bill or to donate back to the school.  SCRIP is basically an opportunity to buy cash cards or gift cerificates to use at both local and national vendors.  Each vendor offers at set percentage "discount" that is divided at an 80/20 rebate between the family and St. Anne School.  The "scrip ladies" are in the cafeteria on Tuesday mornings and SCRIP can always be ordered and picked up at your convenience.  It's much less complicated than it sounds, so please ask a Scrip Coordinator for more information.